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The Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act and The Defense Base Act, Protection For Those Working On The Water

Expatriate compensation

Workers compensation is insurance paid to individuals injured during the course of employment. The individual then relinquishes the right to sue the employer. Workers compensation replaces wages and medical benefits.

The Longshore harbor workers compensation act, enacted in 1927, covers maritime claims of injury on the job. The Longshore Compensation Act covers maritime workers who are not covered under Jones Act Workers Compensation.

Nearly 500,000 workers who contract occupational diseases or who are injured on the navigable seas of the United States are protected by the Longshore Workers Compensation Act. Every year the Longshore Workers Compensation Act handles 27,000 cases of individuals that become disabled or die from o

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Finding Your Financial Footing through Debt Consolidation

Credit canada

Across Canada, people struggle with debt every day. Sometimes producing stress and anxiety, debt can cause people to feel like they are out of options. Personal debt has reached record highs, as has the number of Canadians looking for financial help. In fact, between 1999 and 2008, total consumer borrowing skyrocketed from $4.6 trillion to $12.7 trillion. Since then, consumer debt has fallen by $1.4 trillion. One of the tools in the arsenals of credit counseling firms is debt consolidation. After consolidation debt doesn’t disappear, but it becomes easier to manage.

Through the debt consolidation process, those with many loans are able to combine all of their debts into one loan to make repayment easier by taking out another loan. The process isn’t difficult to understand, but it’s not right for everyone, so

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Imagine Yourself in a Subaru

Used chevy dealers

If you enjoy a practical, fun to drive car then you may want to consider driving a Subaru. A Chevrolet vehicle is sold in the world once every 6.5 seconds, but they are not known for the boxer engine layout and all terrain capabilities that most Subaru cars are equipped with, not to mention their high safety ratings. If you are looking for previously owned Subaru inventory, there are used subaru dealers out there who can put you in the car of your dreams.

While many may not see Subaru cars as being relevant in the United States, accounting for only 2.3 percent of auto sales in the entire country, Subaru of America has actually been around sin

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