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Are You Concerned About Illegal Immigration? Five Facts to Keep in Mind

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To say that the debate over immigration laws in America has been contentious would be a complete understatement. Some feel that American immigration laws allow invaders to come into our land and steal away our jobs. Other feel that the problem with immigration is just a symptom of an apathetic government and a system that is set up around people who think they are above working some jobs.

Whatever your opinion, however, opinion is just that. If you only ever focus on what you think instead of what you know, then you will be left spinning your wheels, getting nowhere fast. Every single American needs to make the effort to educate themselves on the facts about il

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Common Causes of Respiratory Related Stress and How Breathing Can Help

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It goes without saying that being able to breathe properly is the key to a happy, healthy life; not to mention a long one. Yet a wide variety of self-inflicted problems lead to our being unable to breathe, to an inability to live life to the fullest. Overeating, smoking, and lack of exercise are the most common examples of this.

Consider, nonsmokers who are exposed to secondhand smoke are 20 to 30% and 25 to 30% more likely to develop lung cancer and heart disease, respectively, than they would be if they could avoid it altogether. Sleep apnea, a condition known to make you stop breathing multiple times throughout the night, can lead to chronic fatigue and, in extreme cases, sudden death. Yet one of its main causes, obesity, is entirely treatable, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Many of these

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Small Business Loans Promote Economic Growth

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Did you know that, according to the Small Business Association (SBA), small businesses created 65% of new jobs over the last 17 years, and 50% of American employees work for small companies? The economy is not doing well, and small businesses are working to change that. As such, supporting small businesses may very well mean supporting the U.S. economy. Why are small business loans becoming increasingly popular, and how can companies choose from traditional and alternative lenders?

Why is Small Business Lending Popular?

The Portland division of the SBA promised $457 million in small business loans, including new business loans and working capital loans, according to the Portland Business Journal, and just two years ago, 800,000 small businesses funded company operations and expens

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