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Hiring an Executive Coach

Today’s business executives, those higher up on the corporate ladder, have a lot on their plates, especially in today’s digital world where e-mail, faxes, Skype live chat meetings, and much more add up to a lot to juggle. Sometimes, even the best educated or trained professional may get overwhelmed, and that is just with the paperwork; perception of self and others as both human beings and employees can be difficult, and may require some skills not finely taught in general institutions or training. But an executive coach can make all the difference, and bring out the best in upper management. These consultants, and similar ones such as life coaches or a career coach, can offer similar skills for a client.

The Need For an Executive Coach

A business professional cannot always “do it all.” Every employee is a different person with different personal and professional needs and interests, and sometimes, an employee may quit because he or she feels undervalued or unneeded, or t

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Learn More About the OSHA’s New Fall Protection Measures and Necessary Equipment and Supplies

Workers employed within the construction industry are aware that many of their jobs can be potentially hazardous. Falls, for example, are the primary cause of death within this field. Given this, and other dangerous construction sites and situations, it’s vital to wear the appropriate safety clothing and gear, use the proper equipment, and follow the detailed safety regulations. These matters are all outlined within the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) guidelines and regulations.

The OSHA’s Fall Protection Measures

In 1971, the OSHA published its first general industry regulations for fall protection. Unfortunately, the most frequent OSHA violation continues to be an absence of following these specific regulations. Guardrails, for example, must be 42 inches high, plus or minus three inches. Furthermore, the openings for these guardrails can’t exceed 19 inches.

The OSHA continues to develop and mandate new regulations for a variety of work site

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