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Malvin, Riggins and Company, P.C. in Chapel Hill NC


Malvin, Riggins and Company, P.C.

130 Environ Way

Chapel Hill, NC 27517


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Malvin, Riggins and Company, P.C. brings together many years of professional accounting, tax and business advisory services. Malvin, Riggins and Company, P.C. is small enough to provide individual attention, but large enough to give the highest level of tax and accounting expertise.

Gillespie, Shields and Durrant in Phoenix AZ


Gillespie, Shields and Durrant

7319 North 16th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85020


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The Arizona law firm of Gillespie, Shields and Durrant was founded in 1985 by DeeAn Gillespie Strub. The firm currently is comprised of an exceptional team of law practitioners focusing on five areas of practice, general civil law and litigation, probate law and estate planning, family law, employment law and serious and catastrophic injuries.

The experienced Phoenix family law attorneys at Gillespie, Shields and Durrant offer aggressive representation in all aspects of family law, including divorce, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, decree modifications, property division and settlements, mediation, domestic violence, prenuptial agreements, relocations, grandparents’ rights, paternity, and juvenile law, including adoption, dependency, and severance.

Our approach to working with clients is simple. We listen to you. We return your calls promptly. We keep you prepared and informed. And we represent you aggressively and fearlessly. We are good at what we do, and we care.

Clients like us for many reasons.

We are easily accessible, even early, late, and on weekends.
We use a truly effective approach in having the client remain involved as part of the team.
We understand the law and the legal system.
We care about our clients.
We care about children and their best interests.

Maintaining Landfill and Disposal Management Solutions

Green house gas

There are advantages to collecting and burning landfill gases, especially when it can contain at least 50% methane; that has positive implications for the environment and the global warming process. As you look at your options to generate energy solutions from disposal landfills, you may want to consult with energy consultants to maximize your returns. You can find energy consultants that specialize in gas recovery and landfill consulting services with some preliminary research.

You can research various energy consultants in a number of ways. First, you should ask colleagues for their recommendations or referrals, especially if they have worked with landfill consultants recently. Alte

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What’s the Difference between Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care Facilities?

Urgent care oceanside ca

Did you know that there’s an alternative to emergency rooms? Urgent care facilities are a kind of walk-in clinic that focuses on delivering ambulatory urgent medical care in a dedicated facility. Although these emergency room alternatives treat injuries or illnesses requiring immediate attention, they’re not substitutions for emergency medical care. An urgent care facility is there for the times when you need to see a doctor, but your life doesn’t hang in the balance.

This alternative to emergency room care was designed to help relieve some of the pressure placed on emergency rooms by cases that don’t necessarily warrant their attention. Because of the sheer volume of patients, doctors don’t get to spend e

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Rubber grommet

How common are electrocutions and electrical burns? Increased regulations and inspections often give workers a false sense of security and personal safety. Electrical hazards remain a serious problem. In fact, the Electrical Safety Foundation International reveals that, “Every 30 minutes during the work day, a worker is hurt so severely from electricity that time off the job for recovery is necessary.” Electrocutions are an especially pressing problem in industrial operations and maintenance settings, where serious hazards — like arc flashes — run rampant. What do industrial employees need to know?

What Is An Arc Flash?

Lockout/Tagout Procedures Save Lives

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