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How an Adjustable Bed Can Help You

Adjustable beds for seniors

Let’s face it, there is nothing better than a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, many Americans suffer from problems that can keep them from getting a good night’s rest. These include problems like back pain and sleep apnea. However, an adjustable bed may be able to help.

An adjustable bed is a bed that can be adjusted to different positions. Most beds will allow you to adjust both the upper body potion and the lower body position. You can even adjust the height on some adjustable beds to allow you to get in and out of your bed easier.

One of the most common afflictions for which an adjustable bed can help is back pain. Adjusting the bed to conform to your back allows you to find the most comfortable and natural

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Is Social Security Being Stretched Too Thin?

Veteran attorney

Is it a mistake to rely on Social Security? According to HowStuffWorks, early retirees — or claimants receiving benefits at age 62 — take a 20% cut in Social Security funding and benefits. Moreover, Social Security is expected to climb only 1.5% this year; this is among the programs smallest growths ever, reports CNN Money. With these figures in mind, it is perfectly reasonable to question the practicality and sustainability of the program. What are some basics about Social Security, and how they changing?

Understanding Social Security

Approximately 60.4 million Americans receive Social Security benefits. The Social Security Association (SSA) reports that retirees are the most likely beneficiaries, making up 69% of all U.S. men and women receiving financial support from Social Security. S

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Industrial Employers, Are You Risks Your Workers’ Health?

Plastic plugs

What price do you put on workers’ safety and well-being? According to Gallup, employee absenteeism — mostly resulting from occupational injuries and illnesses — costs U.S. companies $153 billion per year. Employers managing high-risk operations, such as industrial manufacturing and maintenance, are especially vulnerable to these losses. What can employers do to reduce occupational hazards, and keep workers safe?

Reconsider Shift Work

WebMD reports that shift work, loosely defined as late-night or rotating shifts, has a number of devastating short-term health effects, including heightened risks of accidents and injury, malaise, stomach problems, insomnia, and a lower quality of life. Shift work, however, can lead to much more serious — and long-term — health conditions as well. Diabetes,

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The Leaders in Quality Commercial Bus Parts

Shuttle bus seats

Tens of millions of people all over the world depend upon buses as their primary form of transportation. As such, buses are responsible for nearly 70% of all public transportation. The affordability and convenience of metro buses makes them ideal for the elderly, teenagers, the economically disadvantaged, and folks in a transportation pinch. Buses are also a more environmentally-friendly form of transportation, as they help cut emissions by reducing the need for thousands of extra automobiles on the road.

Of course, when so many people depend on public buses to provide them with transportation day after day, week after week, and year after year, you can imagine that they go thought their fair share of replacement bus parts. Even though most bus companies do their best to keep a good supply of assorted comme

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