Dealing With Stormwater Pollution Is Important For The Environment

Dealing With Stormwater Pollution Is Important For The Environment
30 Mar

Even if you pride yourself in running a green business, there could be something that is posing a huge threat to the environment happening right under your nose that you have the power to stop, and that threat is stormwater pollution. Stormwater pollution is a huge problem in our society today, as it is carelessly being carried off by our drains and pipes into our water ways and even our drinking reservoirs. Without a solution in place, every time it rains or snow melts off your roof, you are adding to stormwater pollution, and if you truly want to run an business that prides itself in being environmentally conscious, you should put a system in place to deal with the matter properly.

While the rain that falls from the sky is typically clean, as it runs off your roof and flows through your property or parking lot, it is picking up all sorts of stormwater pollution. This stormwater pollution could include garbage and other manmade debris that is not biodegradable like plastic, rubber, chemicals, harmful agents that are present on the ground such as antifreeze or motor oil, and pollutants that are flushed out into the drain systems direct from your company, especially if you work with hazardous materials every day.

To combat stormwater pollution, there are a few different things that your business can do in order to deal with the problem accordingly. One of the easiest ways to deal with pollution issues is to install filtration systems on all of the drains on your property. Having a filtration system for any water that leaves your premise will ensure that nothing harmful is escaping into the drain and consequently flowing somewhere it should not be.

Another great solution for dealing with stormwater pollution is to set up a rainwater collection system. This can be easily installed by modifying your existing gutter system to make it more efficient and send the water that falls on it into a collection unit where it is filtered. From there, you can use it how you see fit just like well water.

Even if dealing with your stormwater issues is not providing a huge benefit to your company, it is providing a huge benefit for the environment. By doing your part, you will be helping to keep the local fauna and flora healthy and the water clean. You can be a leader in your industry.

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