Secure Text Messaging and HIPAA Compliance

Secure Text Messaging and HIPAA Compliance
18 Sep

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With the field of medicine changing ever more quickly with the addition of new technologies left and right, the simple smartphone has become a valuable tool in the arsenal of any healer. The ability to send over prescriptions and other patient information at the touch of a button is a terrific way to cut down wait times and improve customer satisfaction, but secure text messaging is something that absolutely needs to be incorporated into your missives in order to remain HIPAA compliant and faithful to your responsibilities as a health care provider.

Fortunately, there are many secure text messaging apps and extensions out there for many different smartphones nowadays, so this is easier and cheaper to accomplish than ever before. However, not all secure text messaging apps and software are necessarily going to be compatible with your phone, so make sure that compatibility of your existing software and your new secure text messaging apps and other programs is a paramount concern. Doing otherwise can lead to massive security problems due to conflicting software, thus negating any gains you may have had.

Once you have that in mind, search the web for reviews of any secure text messaging apps that are designed for use with your particular phone. Look over these reviews carefully, and determine which of these are best for your needs overall. Double check to make sure that your secure text messaging apps of choice are all HIPAA compliant before using them, and choose the best such option you can find. With any luck, this should make your job a breeze when it comes to the things that health care workers must do every day. It can help to write a review of the secure text messaging app you use once you have had a fair chance to try it out in order to help other doctors in your position!

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