Importance Of A Food Protection Certificate

Importance Of A Food Protection Certificate
10 Dec

Food and hygiene course

Regardless of what people may think, warming food up in the microwave does not kill any type of bacteria that may be on it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found out that one in every six Americans will suffer from a food borne sickness every year. Restaurants must ensure that they practice the proper food and sanitation procedures so that no one becomes ill. There are various courses that can be taken to further learn about these practices and to acquire a food protection certificate for your restaurant. Sending your employees to a food handling course along with a food and hygiene course is recommended so that everyone is on the same page. These classes that teach restaurant food safety will allow you to get food safety certification as well as a food protection certificate to show that you have taken the necessary steps for a clean environment.

Salmonellosis is a sickness caused by Salmonella and costs over two and a half billion dollars each year. Along with that, 70 percent of illnesses from food come from those that are prepared outside the home. Employees must wash their hands with soap and warm water for a minimum of twenty seconds before handling food after using the restroom. There are plenty of other tips you can gather from searching the internet and even obtain your food handlers permit online as well. Take the necessary courses to get your food protection certificate and always keep food safety in mind while working.

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