Next Gen Security With Intrusion Detection Systems

Next Gen Security With Intrusion Detection Systems
24 Dec

Network security firewalls

Having one layer for your corporate server protection is not enough, and even two may be inadequate for the speed and depth at which attacks can occur. You may need an intrusion detection system that can easily integrate into your existing security solutions, giving you a compatible and highly effective additional layer of defense for your important information. A network security platform can involve one of the six type of firewalls, which include embedded firewalls, enterprise hardware and software based firewalls, SOHO software and hardware firewalls, and specialty firewalls. Next gen network security or a next generation network needs to be able to rely on both these firewall solutions and systems like an intrusion detection system so that they can properly detect and defend against attacks, which can come at any time.

Enterprise firewalls and other systems are meant to protect against threats like viruses and spyware, which are malware programs that have been created specifically to take information and monitor user habits which it will report back to a primary location. These programs are installed onto a machine without the knowledge or consent of the user, and can take anywhere from hours to days to remove completely. An intrusion detection system can help to detect these threats before they arrive on a system by filtering information before it actually reaches the hardware, and cutting off the route so that it cannot go further. In 2011, there were 42,887 incidents of data loss or theft in the United States, with more that likely went unnoticed or unreported. Intrusion prevention systems are part of a new era of digital vigilance and solutions which can work while we are asleep or otherwise occupied. With an intrusion detection system in place it is easy to know when an attack is happening, and respond accordingly.

Next gen firewalls are becoming more sophisticated than ever, to meet the complex and growing threats of a new era of malicious coding and hacking that threatens both businesses and federal agencies. With an intrusion detection system in place it is much more likely that you will be able to catch and stop these threats before they are able to steal information, or infect several thousands of computers connected to the same network. An IT department is only as good as the tools it has to work with, so give your security personnel the right tools to defend themselves and your information.

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