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Discover Online Credit Card Processing And Coupling This Process With Software As A Service For Online Payment Processors And Merchants

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More b2b credit card processing and b2b payments overall among credit card processing online occurs these days. There are internet merchant accounts and online payment systems that changed how most companies do business in the last decade. In fact, even the last year alone has seen quite a change in online credit card processing. During 2011, there were 12 percent of all shoppers at visited online retailers using their mobile devices, 6.7 percent of those online mobile shoppers then chose to make a purchase, which is twice the number of online sales made during 2010. There were $1.5 billion spent during cyber Monday, the Monday following Thanksgiving, in 2011, which accounted for 12 percent of all Web sales during the month of November in 2011. One out of three online electronic commerce transactions were generated by online flight booking and other travel services during 2011.

While 2011 was an important year of growth for online credit card processing, this trend has been ongoing for much longer than just the past two years. In 2007, more consumers chose to use electronic bill payment systems and paperless statements than payment through paper checks and printed statements. While part of this trend of online credit card processing growth is due to environmental concern, since paperless options lowered the need for tree harvesting, it is also more convenient. Business managers in particular appreciate being able to quickly share online processing information with one another as new online credit card systems and payment processors emerge.