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Towards an Online Payment Processing Solution

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Credit card processing online has become on the business critical applications for any online business. In fact, almost 1.25 billion dollars were spent on Cyber Monday, typically the biggest day for online sales, in 2011. That represents about 12 percent of Novembers online sales in just a single day. That represents significant sales through a credit card merchant account with payment processing companies.

Cloud based payment processing, essentially credit card processing online, takes advantage of the payment processors integrated platform to provide cost reductions and improved transaction processing quality. The popularity of internet merchant accounts means that online credit card processing payment processing can offer online businesses a viable way to speed customers through the purchasing process.

Credit card processing online can accommodate the differences between consumer purchasers and business customers such as processes around tax issues, purchase orders, and complex shipping calculations. As such, level 3 credit card transactions, those requiring additional transaction info to offset increased processing fees, are generally reserved for corporate cards and government credit cards. This can make a difference when your traditional credit card processing online has fees related to purchase price. In terms of government contracts where access to high level of funding can be bogged down with traditional processing, businesses can qualify to add level 3 data to insure a higher level of security around those transactions.

Credit card processing online has not just revolutionized the buying and selling of products online, but to services as well. For example, in 2011 a full one third of ecommerce transactions come from both online flight and travel services. While phone transactions may have been a viable alternative, that implies that there is someone available to take orders over the phone and to take payment information on the spot. When using a credit card processing online solution, a person is not required to be present for the actual transaction. When you begin to scale to large numbers of clients or availability during off hours, you can see a significant cost savings and competitive advantage to always available ecommerce. More on this:

Benefits of B2B Credit Card Processing

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Did you know electronic payments have surpassed paper checks for bill payments back in 2007? One of the main reasons why electronic payments are now more popular than paper checks is convenience. It is simply more convenient to process payments online or any other electronic form of paying a bill. Since digital payments are growing in popularity, security is of utmost importance for avoiding cyber threats. B2b credit card processing services are providing businesses a level of security that will make anyone feel comfortable making electronic payments. B2B means “business to business,” and the financial supply chain of B2B credit card processing includes ERP vendors and commercial banks.

If you are a business owner online, you should know the benefits of a credit card merchant account. The last thing you want to deal with as a business owner is processing credit cards with any form of security. B2B credit card processing services provide secure merchant accounts and secure internet merchant accounts for all types of transactions, including level 3 processing. Sales in eCommerce continue to grow, reaching up to 256 billion dollars in 2011. Online retail stores rely on B2B credit card processing services to handle secure transactions online and offline.

How Online Credit Card Processing is Changing Business

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Online credit card processing is invaluable in that it aids businesses and consumers in exchanging money directly and electronically, and in a secure way as well. Through online credit card processing, an enterprise could bring itself into a 21st century world where nearly everything is done online. Using one of the three main levels of online credit card processing, the most secure of which is Level 3 processing, that enterprise could see some real results. Through this form of processing, the most detailed information is available on people making purchases, including identifying item discounts and quantities, and including postal codes for shipping. This online payment system type also generally is utilized with government issued credit cards and corporate credit cards.

Largely, B2b credit card processing and other credit card processing online done through software as a service, or SaaS. Companies utilizing this type of system for processing credit cards often do so to stay current and to enhance the satisfaction that their clients receive from such service. Without having the capability to allow for online transactions both safely and easily, any company risks losing clients today. But with these online credit card processing options, that company ideally could align itself more closely with the type of electronic commerce that involves a strong business to business component, versus straight online shopping where consumer purchases are generally talked about. And in setting up one of these systems, a company quite possibly could have it all, communicating with consumers and business clients simultaneously.

Discover Online Credit Card Processing And Coupling This Process With Software As A Service For Online Payment Processors And Merchants

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More b2b credit card processing and b2b payments overall among credit card processing online occurs these days. There are internet merchant accounts and online payment systems that changed how most companies do business in the last decade. In fact, even the last year alone has seen quite a change in online credit card processing. During 2011, there were 12 percent of all shoppers at visited online retailers using their mobile devices, 6.7 percent of those online mobile shoppers then chose to make a purchase, which is twice the number of online sales made during 2010. There were $1.5 billion spent during cyber Monday, the Monday following Thanksgiving, in 2011, which accounted for 12 percent of all Web sales during the month of November in 2011. One out of three online electronic commerce transactions were generated by online flight booking and other travel services during 2011.

While 2011 was an important year of growth for online credit card processing, this trend has been ongoing for much longer than just the past two years. In 2007, more consumers chose to use electronic bill payment systems and paperless statements than payment through paper checks and printed statements. While part of this trend of online credit card processing growth is due to environmental concern, since paperless options lowered the need for tree harvesting, it is also more convenient. Business managers in particular appreciate being able to quickly share online processing information with one another as new online credit card systems and payment processors emerge.