Towards an Online Payment Processing Solution

Towards an Online Payment Processing Solution
21 May

Merchant processing

Credit card processing online has become on the business critical applications for any online business. In fact, almost 1.25 billion dollars were spent on Cyber Monday, typically the biggest day for online sales, in 2011. That represents about 12 percent of Novembers online sales in just a single day. That represents significant sales through a credit card merchant account with payment processing companies.

Cloud based payment processing, essentially credit card processing online, takes advantage of the payment processors integrated platform to provide cost reductions and improved transaction processing quality. The popularity of internet merchant accounts means that online credit card processing payment processing can offer online businesses a viable way to speed customers through the purchasing process.

Credit card processing online can accommodate the differences between consumer purchasers and business customers such as processes around tax issues, purchase orders, and complex shipping calculations. As such, level 3 credit card transactions, those requiring additional transaction info to offset increased processing fees, are generally reserved for corporate cards and government credit cards. This can make a difference when your traditional credit card processing online has fees related to purchase price. In terms of government contracts where access to high level of funding can be bogged down with traditional processing, businesses can qualify to add level 3 data to insure a higher level of security around those transactions.

Credit card processing online has not just revolutionized the buying and selling of products online, but to services as well. For example, in 2011 a full one third of ecommerce transactions come from both online flight and travel services. While phone transactions may have been a viable alternative, that implies that there is someone available to take orders over the phone and to take payment information on the spot. When using a credit card processing online solution, a person is not required to be present for the actual transaction. When you begin to scale to large numbers of clients or availability during off hours, you can see a significant cost savings and competitive advantage to always available ecommerce. More on this:

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