Revenue Recovery an Important Issue for Hospitals and Doctors

Revenue Recovery an Important Issue for Hospitals and Doctors
03 Mar

Medicare managed care

For doctors and hospitals an important aspect of their businesses is revenue recovery. Finding a company that can handle payment reviews for managed care contract compliance is important for earning every dollar they have coming. Keeping on top of worker’s compensation claims, Medicaid care plans, and other governmental programs is important to make sure these agencies are in payment compliance and the doctors and hospitals are receiving their proper revenue recovery. Without proper managed care review, there is no way of telling just how much these agencies are actually paying to the doctors and hospitals who perform necessary medical services, or if they are even paying in the first place. What doctors and hospitals need are companies who specialize in revenue recovery by auditing these records, searching for any monies that haven’t been rightfully distributed. With all the government spending cuts constantly being thrown around, cuts to medical programs always seem to be at the top of Congress’ list. Rightly or wrongly, a company who specializes in auditing these records will ensure that doctors and hospitals who accept payment from these agencies will receive all they are entitled to. With the rising costs of medical services, the last thing the industry needs is to be losing out on a chunk of money due to them because governmental agencies are either run too inefficiently, or are simply trying to skimp out on money they are required to pay. If we are to try and keep medical costs at a level that patients can afford, then auditing these agencies in invaluable to revenue recovery. See this reference for more.

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