Why Marijuana is so Hard to Eradicate

Why Marijuana is so Hard to Eradicate
12 Mar

Marijuana addictive

If there was a marijuana book that told you how to quit smoking marijuana, then quitting could be easy. Unfortunately, marijuana withdrawal symptoms and statistics contradict that experience. 22.6 percent of high school seniors in the U.S. smoked marijuana in the past thirty days, a proportion higher than that for tobacco. In fact, a government database reports that 30 percent of those arrested for marijuana violations are under the age of 19. Marijuana abuse starts early, and reading a marijuana book is grim indeed.

What is even worse are symptoms after withdrawing from marijuana abuse, which several marijuana books can talk about. Cravings are a common early symptom, as marijuana addiction treatment statistics show. More disturbingly, 46.9 percent of former marijuana smokers have sleep disruptions, ranging from insomnia to nightmares. Again, reading marijuana books on withdrawal are grim indeed.

Marijuana, also known as cannabis, are plants that grow an inch a day, and can reach 18 feet. From that 18 foot plant comes much misery. Perhaps, one day, there will be offerings of marijuana books about those who successfully lived life beyond marijuana. Until then, one can only work to eliminate this scourge.

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