Blue Life is a Higher Form of Shopping

Blue Life is a Higher Form of Shopping
09 Apr

Bohemian clothing

When you shop, you do way more than clothe your body. Rather, you enter into a state of mind. What state of mind you chose matters greatly when you shop. That is why it is so important to chose a state of mind that is uniquely casual, relaxed, and you. The Blue Life shopping movement epitomizes that. Based mostly in Southern California, Blue Life represents a state of shopping that satisfies you. Combining individuality with artisanal products, Blue Life is sure to give you clothing and accessories you feel good about.

Blue Life was not always the ideal. Until World War II, most clothing was either hand made or sold by small retail stores. Individuality was common, and craftsmanship was the norm. You may not have found bohemian clothing, but you did get the best made products out there.

The change began in Southern California, ironically the birthplace of Blue Life. Shortly after GM convinced Los Angeles to destroy its streetcar system, the first suburban mall opened, the Crenshaw Center. Accessible only by car, the Crenshaw Center served as a model for malls everywhere, with its chain stores and large, faceless hordes of shoppers. This served as the model of all shopping for decades to come.

The same cradle of consumerism also started Blue Life. Starting with Planet blue in Malibu in 1995, Blue Life concept stores have since spread across Southern California. While they cling to beach communities like Santa Monica or Venice, Blue Life is loved by Southern Californians everywhere.

Blue life is the essence of shopping in the 21st century. Using hand made or limited production run clothing in small boutiques, Blue Life will reestablish the link between you and the clothing article. So if you visit Southern California, even if it is once in a blu moon, consider Blue Life.

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