Simple Tips to Swing Like a Golf Pro

Simple Tips to Swing Like a Golf Pro
19 Jun

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Ask the 50 to 60 million golfers worldwide and they will tell you that golfing is not easy. Contrary to the idea of beer bellies swaying and leisurely strolling along the fairway, golf is not a simple game, and there are very specific tools to help you ease potential embarrassment on the greens.

If you are anything like me, the typical golf swing tips for beginners are of no help. Let me preface that statement by telling you that I am a woman with breasts. And somehow, the awkward stance of holding a golf club while perched forward and squeezing my pecs together has not bode well for me. (I would love to ask an LPGA pro how they average a 96 mph swing. But, I digress.) Anyway, even if you are not a woman with breasts, these golf swing tips for beginners will surely help you (and make you look less foolish when you have a few golf games to play at your next corporate Delaware golf courses outing).

The first and foremost golf swing tips for beginners (regardless of your gender), is to wear clothing that will permit a comfortable, unencumbered swing. Hence the reason polo shirts are the norm on the greens. And gentlemen, no popped collars allowed. I repeat; no popped collars.

Now that that is out of the way. The next step involves golf stance tips and golf grip tips. As far as how you stand, the key is in your foundation. Be sure that your feet are firmly planted on your Wilmington golf courses fairway. There are three popular stances; the square, open, and closed stance (which you choose depends on your shot, distance to the ball, and direction, of course). The following are two important golf swing tips for beginners to remember; your knees should always be flexed at the beginning of your swing, and you must turn your right hip very slightly before the release.

The next pro golf swing tips for beginners deals with grip. There are several ways to hold a club, but these golf swing tips for beginners will get you started. Lay the grip of the club across the palm of your hand as if you were shaking hands with it. Now, interlock the pinky of your other hand with the index finger of the hand already holding the club. Next, make sure there are no gaps between your two hands; it feels strange at first, but trust me, you will get used to it.

These golf swing tips for beginners are just to get you started so that you do not look like a fool standing near the tee. Relax, take a swing, and maybe you will be ready to yell fore if the need arises (which, by the way, was most likely adopted by military slang and simply means, watch the heck out!) Regardless, with these golf swing tips for beginners in tow, you might up your chances of a hole in one (or two, if you are lucky). Scratch that; if you get two hole in ones, the odds of which are one in 67 million, you best put down that golf club and get ye a lottery ticket immediately. Happy golfing! Read more.

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