Tax Defense Attorneys Can Help Clients Prevent or Stop an IRS Wage Garnishment from Occuring

Tax Defense Attorneys Can Help Clients Prevent or Stop an IRS Wage Garnishment from Occuring
14 Aug

Late tax penalties

Taxes, because they are imposed on nearly everything and must be dealt with annually in the United States, are an unavoidable responsibility of American citizens. Depending on various factors such as income, the size of a family, and the assets owned by a person, tax rates can very greatly throughout the country. However, even though the rates of taxes that people are expected to be responsible for each year to both the state and federal government are supposed to have direct correlation to their income, many people find themselves having great difficulty paying their taxes. When this happens, other difficulties can eventually arise such as late tax penalties and in some more severe cases, the IRS may utilize a levy such as wage garnishments in order to collect the tax debt that is owed. In these cases, people can seek the services of various specialized tax defense lawyers in order to stop IRS wage garnishments from occurring.

When a person has a large amount of tax debt that is owed, the government will often enact methods of acquiring the owed tax amount such as issuing a federal tax lien, which is a legal claim the government makes against the property that the indebted person owes. Wage garnishments are a common method of acquiring owed tax money and occur when either a court order, state tax collection agency, or the Internal Revenue Service requires an employer to withhold the earnings of an individual until the amount of tax money owed is reached. Individuals in situations such as dealing with IRS garnishments can receive help from tax defense attorneys that specialize in those areas. Tax defense lawyers can often work with clients to come up with IRS debt settlement plans that will lead them to resolving their tax debt issues quickly.

Some tax defense lawyers may suggest that their clients look into Internal Revenue Service programs such as the Offer In Compromise which allows qualified individuals to pay a negotiated amount less than the original amount owed to settle their unpaid tax debt. If a taxpayer can establish that they have not had an opportunity to dispute a tax liability, they can file an Offer based on a doubt as to liability. On July 15, 2006, the IRS began requiring an up front 20 percent non refundable payment for the Offer In Compromise as well as requiring a payment of 150 dollars in the case of cash offers. For all of the further complications and technicalities that can arise in tax debt settlements, tax defense lawyers can provide assistance to those in need.

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