Three Ways the Cloud Makes College Life Easier

Three Ways the Cloud Makes College Life Easier
13 Aug

Document collaboration software

I do not think I would have survived college if it were not for my collaborative writing apps. Honestly, I am the biggest, most disorganized mess you could find. I forget things easy and have a ton of trouble keeping things straight. However, even a slobbish guy like me could get all my things done easily and efficiently with collaborative writing apps.

Let me break down the three reasons collaborative writing apps saved my GPA (and my mind from stress) in college.

1. Keep everything synced.

Any student in the past four years has had this nightmare. They have emailed themselves the wrong copy of a file, or they saved over the real file, or they put a past draft on to a thumb drive. With a collaborative writing app, you can keep all of your files synced. In fact, it even eliminates the need for a thumb drives (unless it is a huge file like a movie).

Just save your paper or whatever document you are working on to the collaborative writing app, and then you can access that file from any computer, tablet, smartphone, anything with an Internet connection, and work on it. Then, just save it right back, and you will have the changes on your laptop or desktop! No more hassle with remembering what is the most current version of the file. All thanks to a collaborative writing app!

2. Remember things easier!

If you are as much of a dope as I am, which you probably are not, then you have trouble staying on top of your hectic schedule in college. You just have so many things to do that it can be tough to keep track of all of them. Sure, organizers work alright, but I find it best to just sit down every morning and go over what you need to do, create a to do list.

You can do this electronically, using your collaborative note taking app, and then throughout the day you can consult it to make sure you get your necessary things done, and you can add items or delete them as needed!

3. Makes group projects easier.

Everyone knows how group projects go. There is the one person who does all the work, the person who says that they will help and does not, the person who is a total idiot, and the guy who just shows up right at the very end, when 99 percent of the work is done.

Well, now, you can divvy up the work and get all the different pieces of the project done easier by not having one person do it with a collaborative writing app. You will all have access to the file and can contribute to the project from the comfort of wherever they are and on their own time so you will not have the hassle of trying to organize meetings and whatever.

A collaborative writing app is a huge lifesaver in college. Not taking advantage of a collaborative writing app in college would be detrimental to you. Find the good note taking apps for college students, which can also double as free ebook apps, and get on it. You will find yourself getting more work than ever before done, all thanks to your collaborative writing app.

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