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Bulk Motor Oil Can Be Recycled

Oil change locations

Keeping our cars in top running condition depends on a regular schedule of maintenance that includes changing the oil and using the correct motor oil. But what do we know about engine oil or bulk motor oil in general?

The Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE, established a numerical grading system for classifying bulk motor oil and motor oil standards based on the viscosity characteristics. This systems is where we get the classifications of bulk motor oil that includes 20, 50, 5w50 and others. Using the correct type and amount of oil in your car is important. If you use too little oil in your car, it can cause excessively high oil temperatures because heat from the engine is more concentrated. If you use too much bulk

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Do You Know What Kind of Food Would Be Best for Your Dog?

Dog food

We, as humans, are keenly aware that what we put into our bodies has a tremendous effect on our health and well-being. Therefore, we try to make sure to take our vitamins, eat a balanced diet, and limit the number of unhealthy habits we develop, whether they be based around caffeine, sugar, alcohol, or some other substance. And yet, when it comes to our pets, we grab whichever bag or can is most affordable. It may be true that the best dog food is on the expensive side, but that is what dog food coupons are for.

So what kind of dog food is best for your dog?

  • Super active dogs.
  • In recent years there has been a trend towards giving dogs diets that are closer in approximation to what they would have enjoyed in the wild. Namely, these diets are higher in protein than most brands. A high protein diet is i

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