Do You Know What Kind of Food Would Be Best for Your Dog?

Do You Know What Kind of Food Would Be Best for Your Dog?
01 Oct

Dog food

We, as humans, are keenly aware that what we put into our bodies has a tremendous effect on our health and well-being. Therefore, we try to make sure to take our vitamins, eat a balanced diet, and limit the number of unhealthy habits we develop, whether they be based around caffeine, sugar, alcohol, or some other substance. And yet, when it comes to our pets, we grab whichever bag or can is most affordable. It may be true that the best dog food is on the expensive side, but that is what dog food coupons are for.

So what kind of dog food is best for your dog?

  • Super active dogs.
  • In recent years there has been a trend towards giving dogs diets that are closer in approximation to what they would have enjoyed in the wild. Namely, these diets are higher in protein than most brands. A high protein diet is ideal if you have a super active dog. As high protein diets can get expensive, dog food coupons are going to be a big help.

  • Highly allergic dogs.
  • Dogs that are allergic to certain foods tend to be allergic to grains, or certain proteins. Signs that your dog might be allergic include hot spots, paw licking, digestive upset, and refusal to eat. Look for grain free, and/or single source protein diets that let you zero in on which proteins your dog will accept through trial and error. Again, as these foods tend to get equated to all natural, and organic dog foods, they can be a bit expensive. Dog food coupons will help.

  • Small dogs.
  • Overfeeding and genetics can result in overweight dogs, especially in small breeds such as pugs and dachshunds. If your “hot dog” is slowly turning into an overstuffed sausage, then you will want a dog food that can help you control their weight. Kibble size is also important when you are feeding small dogs, so choose a food that is specifically created for smaller dogs.

Treat the health of your dog much as you do your own, by strengthening it with the best diet possible. Ask your veterinarian for recommendations and which kind of diet will be best for your breed of dog. There are even websites that you can check online for unbiased and in-depth reviews of dog foods. Remember that an investment in the diet of your dog will pay off in better health. With a little help from coupons and some smart shopping you can save in the long run.

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