Cosmetic Dentistry’s Greatest Achievement

Cosmetic Dentistry’s Greatest Achievement
03 Oct

Cosmetic dental work

It’s the hardest surface in the human body, but tooth enamel has still been known to break down, sometimes to the point of disappearance. For years, the only options for those missing teeth were partial and full dentures, removable fake teeth that sit atop the gums. Today, however, cosmetic dental procedures allow for a more permanent solution.

At dental implant centres, patients can receive implants replacing anywhere from one tooth to all of their teeth permanently. While dentures must be removed at night and can make it difficult to eat, dental implants look and act just like natural teeth, drastically improving the quality of life for edentulous patients.

Dental implants are a type of cosmetic dental work wherein replacement tooth roots are installed directly into the bone sockets of the missing teeth. The jawbone grows around the replacement roots over the course of several weeks, after which abutments and crowns are affixed to the implants, restoring the patient’s smile. These implants have success rates of up to 98% and can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

It might seem like this is the most advanced tooth replacement could possibly be, but all on four dental implants have already managed to improve upon the original concept of dental implants. The all on four procedure, intended for patients who are missing all of their teeth, allows for the replacement of a whole row of teeth using only four implants.

The all on four dental procedure works thus:

  1. Four replacement roots are placed, four on the top and four on the bottom. The jawbone is allowed to grow around those implants for several weeks.
  2. While the jawbone is bonding to the implants, two replacement rows of teeth are created that are single units.
  3. After the jawbone has accepted the implants, abutments are attached to the implants and the replacement teeth are attached to the abutments.
  4. The all on four dental procedure is complete. The patient can enjoy full usage of his or her new smile.

Cosmetic dental work like the all on four dental procedure is only one of the amazing advances in the dental world that is now allowing patients to smile more confidently. Many patients have already benefited from this amazing procedure and will continue to do so for years to come. Could all on four dental implants help you? Get in touch with your dentist today! Read more.

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