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Free blogging platforms are giving people more access to the personalities and products around them than ever before. Perhaps you have caught yourself panning through blog posts by your favorite journalists, authors, artists or other social medial figure heads, and wondered if you could do that too. The honest truth? You sure can. With free blogging platforms like blogester and blogsport you can get the visibility you want with a fraction of the hassle that once came with maintaining a blog.

Blogs or web logs have been around for nearly two decades, but it was not until the early two thousands that blogs really took off. As social media gained popularity and relevance so too did blogs. Now that there are more ways to be active on social media blogs, the blog posts on them have more potential for being seen than ever before. When blogs first took off web development and even the design of a website or blog was a task best left to the professionals, those ones with long title degrees and .

Blogsport and Blogester are two free formats that are making blogging easy. Whether you want to work on your blog day and night or just from time to time these two sites can get you started and with the options you need to be successful.

Blogester is a free blogging platform that gives you the structure to post a picture of yourself and create a profile. The blog page also allows you to customize background images. Blogester posts profile photos on the front page of the site, making them easy to find for visitors. The blogester format allows users to create networks by adding friends and uploading pictures videos and more.

Blogsport and Blogester are only two of the many options available, but they are certainly a great place for you to start your blogging path. If you would like to see what might be available to you, then simply search the two sites and check out some profiles.

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