Is it a Good Time to Invest in Commercial Real Estate?

How to invest in a reit

“Should I invest in real estate?” That is a question you have probably asked yourself. Commercial real estate is a huge industry that drives the American economy. The commercial real estate organization, American Real Estate Partners deals with real estate financial instruments and commercial real estate assets that are important to major financial markets dotting the United States Eastern Seaboard. American Real Estate Partners acts as a principal, rather than behaving as an adviser or capital allocator.

“Should I invest in real estate with American Real Estate Partners?” That depends. Do you want to make a lot of money? If so, then the correct response to the question, “Should I invest in real estate with American Real Estate Partners?” would be absolutely, you should!

The leading visionaries behind American Real Estate Partner are CEO, Douglas E. Fleit and the COO and President, Brian L. Katz. The superior real estate knowledge of Douglas E. Fleit and Brian L Katz makes the question, “Should I invest in real estate with this company?” an easy one to answer. Obviously, the answer to the inquiry, “Should I invest in real estate?” is a resounding YES! As a company, American Real Estate Partners has done a phenomenal job of amassing valuable resources corresponding to the direct needs of their institutional investment partners. So too do Katz and Fleit know how to position equity in a manner that properly maximizes real estate value.

Douglas Fleit and Brian Katz have amassed approximately $1.8 billion in assets for their company. Both Mr. Fleit and Mr. Katz understand the risks in commercial real estate, and how those risks must be weighed against many factors such as market conditions, the tenant behavior, and the odds that tenants will continue renewing their leases each year. Based on a report done by by Real Capital Analytics, a real estate research firm located in New York City, more than $160 billion worth of commercial properties in the USA are in default, foreclosure, or bankruptcy at the moment. It takes an excellent team to take advantage of these facts and turn them into opportunities. If you care about creating new solutions to old commercial real estate problems, the answer to your question, “Should I invest in real estate with American Real Estate Partners?” is unequivocally yes, yes, yes! To see more, read this:

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