What Makes German Shepherds Such Great Dogs?

What Makes German Shepherds Such Great Dogs?
02 Dec

Raising a german shepherd puppy

When you see a sign for German Shepherds puppies for sale, you can’t help but stop and consider it. Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason, and in particular, German Shepherds are a particularly great breed. In fact, they were ranked third when more than 200 AKC judges rated over 100 breeds on their intelligence. This is partly why they make such great police and military service dogs, in addition to their strength, intelligence, and abilities in obedience training.

This intelligence is only one of many reasons to consider looking for German Shepherds puppies for sale. Another reason to consider buying a Shepherd is because of their eagerness to please. This keenness to please also makes them easier to train, and gives them a strong motivation to learn new tasks.

Additionally, since German Shepherds are so easily trained, and because of their high level of intelligence, they make excellent guard dogs. With an unswerving loyalty, and a strength that goes beyond the normal canine, German Shepherds are gifted guard dogs that are alert for any sign of danger. They’ll sound an alarm if something’s wrong, and will defend the family no matter what–going as far as laying down their lives for their owners if need be. In fact, there have been more than a few dog heroes of the year that were German Shepherds.

German Shepherd puppies make the perfect companions for individuals or families that are A-type personalities, active, disciplinarians and energetic. If you or your family possess these traits, considering looking for loyal, fearless, hard-working, handsome, and protective German Shepherds puppies for sale!

So, the next time you see a German Shepherds puppies for sale sign in front of German Shepherd breeders, stop and consider the possibility of taking one in as your best friend. While it’s not a spur of the moment decision to make, it’s certainly a decision worth considering. If you have any questions about German Shepherds puppies for sale, feel free to ask in the comments! Check out this site for more: German shepherd puppies for sale

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