Three Cosmetic Dental Procedures You Might Look Into

Three Cosmetic Dental Procedures You Might Look Into
03 Jan

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The legend goes that George Washington brandished wooden teeth inside his mouth, likely to further sculpt the image that he was a fierce, brave and unrelenting warrior-hero. But though Washington did indeed suffer oral health issues, his false teeth were actually made from elephant-tusk ivory and kept together by gold springs. Pretty regal, eh?

Washington’s not the only American of note to have had tooth issues resolved through the means of a prosthetic smile. Though it’s not a big secret that plenty of Hollywood stars have had their teeth fixed up at some point in their careers in order to appear more glamorous, even singer Whitney Houston wore dentures — a likely antidote to her tooth decay issues (which may have resulted from regular drug use). The list goes on and on.

Today, you don’t have to be a celebrity or even anywhere near the spotlight in order to enjoy the benefits of advanced cosmetic dental care. In fact, the best cosmetic dentistry is now available likely right in your area through the skilled hands and knowledge of a talented set of professional dentists. It’s not just tooth replacement they specialize in, either.

Invisible braces

Most adults and even some teenagers feel a certain stigma about sporting metal braces, even if it’s just for a short period of time. That’s why leading researchers developed invisible braces, strips of clear plastic that are completely discreet when they’re worn inside the mouth. These plastic options can be a more comfortable choice, both in terms of their feel and their general aesthetic.

Teeth whitening procedures

Speaking of aesthetics, studies have consistently shown that a healthy-looking smile is paramount to achieving a look of success. Having a full smile is almost a given, but stained or yellowed teeth can cause a bit of self-consciousness in your own appearance. That’s why cosmetic dentists now offer highly advanced whitening procedures using a peroxide-based whitening agent designed to rid your teeth of stains caused by excessive coffee consumption, cigarette use or other harmful activities.

Cosmetic dental implants

If you are looking into tooth replacement, though, there’s no need to dish out for dentures anymore. Instead, dentists have perfected the implant technology that allow them to embed a titanium screw right into your jawbone. Once it heals, it acts as the new root of your prosthetic tooth, meaning it’s locked into place for good. Dental implant costs tend to be a bit steep, as plenty of other cosmetic dental work is, so make sure you budget accordingly.

The more you learn about cosmetic dentistry, the more you just might find a treatment option you can get behind. For more information, contact your local cosmetic dental professional today. See what a brand new smile can do for you. For more, read this link.

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