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Creating Unified Web Content with Franchise Friendly Software

Web content management system

Did you know that McDonalds is credited with making the franchise model of business popular? It was not the first franchise ever, but it showcased how creating and unifying franchises could be done very profitably. Franchise businesses are now an important part of the American consumer experience. People know that wherever they go, there are reliable businesses that serve the same core services regardless of operating location. Franchise opportunities are well liked as a business model, as well, since they succeed far more often than non franchise start up businesses, and more franchises continue past the four year mark and stay profitable. They are also responsible for creating almost 200 thousand new jobs every year.

If you are interested in buying into a franchise or creating a franchise out of your own brand, one thing you need to consider is how you will deal with brand management. Brand management is, of course, the process of making sure guests have a unified satisfactory experience no matter which store they go to. If one franchise messes up, it can affect all your franchises. One difficulty businesses often encounter is getting websites across their brand to coordinate.

For this reason, content management systems, or CMS for short, are an ideal way to operate a franchise online. Content management systems are actually recommended for most website business set ups, but are especially ideal for franchise websites because of the ease of editing and adding new information. Content management systems can edit or add pages to multiple affiliated websites all at the same time.

Why is this sort of website content management system necessary? Consider this example. You own a car dealer franchise, and want to make sure that all twenty of your different franchise websites display the same information about a great deal on last year models. Without a content management system, you might have to go to each page and make a manual update, or email your managers and ask them to. With a web content management system, you can make a simultaneous update to all twenty pages at once, and also be assured that they look right in real time updates.
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