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US Contract Worker Overseas? What You Need to Know About Work Related Injuries

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Workers are getting hurt on the job every day. Getting compensation for work related injuries can be timely and difficult and, for workers overseas, it is just about impossible. How are more Americans working overseas getting the compensation and benefits they deserve?

Knowing Better

The Jones Act, or Section 27, mandates that U.S. trade goods travel by U.S. ships, from U.S. ports, and that these ships are manned by a crew of U.S. citizens. In other words, the act requires tradesmen and tradeswomen to work outside of the country. Similarly, military bases often require U.S. citizens to go international. The Defense Base Act defends U.S. workers on foreign bases, and any other U.S. employees working to defend the country under a U.S. contract. Overseas workers have just as many rights, and

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