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Avoid Costly Car Repairs By Protecting Cars From the Elements

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Hail can dent and bruise your car. Excessive rain means rust. What it comes down to is… the elements are unforgiving. How can you keep your vehicles safe from weather damage?

Know When Vehicles Are Most at Risk

Larger vehicles are more at risk than small vehicles. RVs have been around a long time. In 1910, Pierce Arrow constructed the first RV or the Touring Landau. Its backseat doubled as a bed, there was a chamber pot inside and an intercom system for easy communication between passengers and the driver of the RV. RVs remain popular today, but standard houses and built in garages do not have enough room to accommodate them. Leaving RVs outside, though, opens up countless possibilities for weather and water related damage.

Larger vehicles are not the only ones at risk. Vehicles of an

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