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Do You Know Where to Blog At?

With all of the websites out on the world wide web that are dedicated to blogging, would you know where to blog at? I would recommend doing your research, and then deciding what website fits your personality best. I am no expert in where to blog at, so maybe browse around to a few different ones. If a blogging master website exists that can compare and contrast different websites, that would be great. If one does not exist, I would think that someone should get on that. Many people do not know where to blog at so having a master database would be very helpful to many people. All of the people that do not know where to blog at could simply visit one website that could compare many of the websites that exist. Hopefully this database would be non-biased, because then many people might end up choosing a few websites. It seems to me that if someone does not know where to blog at, they would probably want to visit a website that fits their style the most. To me different websites have different styles. Personally I do not care for flashy, over the top websites. I prefer very simple designs with easy to read fonts. When websites choose fonts with overly cursive lines, it just becomes too much for me. I have always preferred the search engine Google for the reason of simplicity. I like how clearly and simply everything is laid out on the main page. Some people do not mind, or perhaps even prefer, the flashy exciting feel of some websites. Whether or not you know where to blog at is the ultimate question. With so many websites, how do you choose the best one? Well, I guess one positive is that it is fairly easy and quick to sign up for most websites, so if you really do not like the one you choose, you can always switch to a different website.