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Why We Should Keep Social Security

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As the fiscal crisis in the United States intensifies, some corners of Washington and the American public are calling for an overhaul or weakening in Social Security. Indeed, as Social Security disability attorneys note, there are some wastes in Social Security that need reform. Yet in the case of Florida, Social Security is vital to the economy. 20 percent of Floridians use Social Security, collecting an average of 1,152 USD a month. Social Security disability attorneys would argue this safety net is important to encourage people to retire and to support existing retirees. Without it, as Social Security disability attorneys see, Florida and other states would be filled with destitution.

As Social Security disability attorneys argue, one benefit of Social Security is to encourage retirement. Older workers tend to be more productive than their younger counterparts, discouraging workers from entering the labor force. After all, many employees in their sixties are as valuable as two, three, or more younger employees. As these older workers retire, Social Security attorneys argue, they can create openings for younger workers. Given that youth unemployment stands at 20 percent, the incentive to retire should be greater, not less. In fact, the 56 million Social Security collectors received a measly 19 USD a month pay raise.

Another reason to keep the system, Social Security disability attorneys argue, is to support retirees. Social Security disability lawyers and veterans lawyers see that retirees are hospitalized three times more often than younger people, costing 4,605 USD a piece. Without this safety net, a million Floridians would sink into poverty overnight.

Social Security disability attorneys know the system must be changed. Today, 35 percent of those who appeal awards succeed, a rate that indicates waste. Yet Social Security lawyers would advise against scrapping the system altogether. Doing so would create social instability among both the elderly and the young. After all, as Social Security disability attorneys foresee, scrapping the system as is could lead to bankrupt municipalities and states, and create undesirable neighborhoods.

Why Social Security Lawyers are So Important

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One in five Floridian residents are covered by Social Security. This is not surprising given that 19 percent of the population will be 65 or older by 2015. In a cruel joke, life expectancy has actually risen to 78, and keeps rising, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To help cope, more Floridians must turn to Social Security lawyers. Not only can Social Security lawyers secure benefit streams, but also represent clients in appeals.

There is no question Social Security lawyers are needed. Already, 300,000 Florida seniors live at or below the poverty line. If it were not for Social Security lawyers and the law they uphold, that number would rise to 5 million. Thus, Social Security lawyers always need to keep constant vigilance.

But what is it that Social security attorneys do? One thing they do is make sure claims are processed. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that disabled worker benefits awarded to those 45 and older has risen from 67 percent in 1996 to 76 percent in 2009. Social Security disability attorneys are needed just to keep up with the sheer increase in volume.

Of course, Social Security lawyers focus on issues other than civilian benefits. Veterans lawyers make sure our warriors are treated fairly, regardless of age. This class of Social Security disability lawyers fights the notoriously bureaucratic VA, and makes sure warriors are treated properly. See this link for more.