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Many people are perplexed by a problem that can sound silly when talked about. This problem is how to get rid of squirrels. When discussing this issue with other people, you might notice a few puzzled looks at first.

A number of people have this image of squirrels as cute, cat sized rodents that scamper about yards and climb trees. They see no reason to get rid of squirrels. An impish cartoon character might come to mind. Regardless of which image comes to mind when people think of squirrels, they often do not understand why you would get rid of squirrels.

In reality, however, squirrels can do a great deal of damage to many areas of your home and yard. These animals are particularly bothersome to people who are trying to garden in their yards. Squirrels naturally enjoy a diet of seeds and nuts, and for this reason, are quite adept at raiding gardens of newly planted seeds for their next lunch or dinner.

Another instance when knowing how to get rid of squirrels could be of great use is when one accidentally gets into your house. This typically occurs when the squirrel finds a hole somewhere in the attic area and makes its way inside. If the weather is cool, the squirrel could easily make a cozy nest within the insulation in the attic or in some boxes that are stored there.

Unusual noises in the attic is typically the first sign that a squirrel might have taken up residence in there. If you discover that there is indeed a squirrel living in your attic, you will likely need to call a qualified pest control company in order to get rid of squirrels. After the squirrel is removed, it is important to thoroughly inspect all areas of the roof and attic in order to determine how the squirrel obtained access to your home. Be sure to plug the hole securely to prevent a repeat occurrence.