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Do Your CNC Machines Need Better Accuracy and Less Downtime? Look Into A Tool Presetter

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Did you know that set up time is drastically reduced when you are using a tool presetter? This can also lead to cost savings, which is nice.

A tool presetter is a component that allows a CNC machine to be more accurate and have less down time. If you work in the manufacturing industry, this tool can be a big part of making you more efficient at your job. This is especially important now that reshoring is happing in the manufacturing industry, bringing gigs that were previously outsourced back to the US for production.

The reason a presetter is important is because it has state of the art measuring, which means you can measure and cut with absolute accuracy. Who could not use more accuracy in their work? More accuracy means less mistakes, which means you can get more accomplished in less time.

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Facts About Preset Tools

Tool holder

The screw cutting lathe, created around 1483, is one of the earliest machine tools. It mechanically used direct control of the cutting tool’s path. Since then tool presetters have been an important asset to mechanical tools. In fact, the cost of tooling decreases by separating the cutting tip, which is usually of a more expensive material, from the tool holder and replacing it with one made from a tougher, less expensive steel.

Tool holders can also be made to add more properties to the cutting action, including angular approach, spring loading, variable overhand and rigidity. The tool holder holds the preset tool and is placed into the tool post, a part of the metalworking lathe that either hold the tool bit or the tool holder. Classifying tool holders allow them to be paired with the correct style of insert.

Using tool presetters can prove beneficial as they allow the tool bit to fit perfectly into the machine. This can prevent grinding, optimize machine function and eliminate scrap. Tool presetters are an important part of creating quality tools that perform well. When bits fit the holders perfectly, the machine runs more smoothly and holds less risk of breaking down. More research here: