Confessions of a General Contractor Miami

Confessions of a General Contractor Miami
31 May

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A great general contractor Miami is focused. He or she will not lose sight of your vision as the project is carried out. The general contract team should be organized and in sync with one another. Each worker should be instructed on exactly what it is they are to do, furthermore, they should be highly skilled workers; masters of the craft. A general contractor Miami should be focused, but he or she should also maintain clarity of purpose at all times. The purpose should not only be clear in the contractors head, but he or she needs to be able to relay it eloquently to his or her team as well as clients: you. Do not let a general contractor Key Biscayne, or a contractor in Miami work on your home without hearing the entire plan; ensure it is sound and timely before you hire anyone. Condo remodeling Miami requires a handle on the required skill set, or, the 3 Cs: Construction, Communication and Controls.

It seems obvious, but Construction is the first and foremost skill necessary. Though it should be a given, some contractors do not know what they are doing at all. Nobody wants a structure with an expiration date in the foreseeable future, yet, so many times in the industry does this occur. As an independent contractor, I have watched so many of my contemporaries lose customers permanently for building shoddy decks with loose screws, or a remodeled kitchen with faulty tiles. You would have to have screws loose yourself to hire some of these guys, judging just on the way they present themselves, even. Home remodeling Miami is a serious business and should be taken as such by its general contractor Miami.

Communication, as I mentioned previously, is also paramount. In the high stress, high volume environment of a construction site, a general contractor Miami needs to be able to speak clearly, loudly, quickly, and authoritatively. In the Miami remodeling game, being timid is not an option. A general contractor has to be in command at all times; with a clear mind, a precise vision and a plan to execute it.

Controls are the last of the 3 Cs. This implies implementing systems of management, tracking, monitoring and risk management. A general contractor Miami needs to know how to monitor large groups of people and be able to make informed decisions. The use of technology adds another important skill to the list an excellent general contractor miami must have.

Be discerning, clients.

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