Hire an IRS Tax Lawyer for Help with IRS Tax Problems

Hire an IRS Tax Lawyer for Help with IRS Tax Problems
31 May

Irs debt tax lawyer

All the IRS tax lawyers will tell you, paying your taxes to the IRS is unavoidable. People even have to pay taxes to states and city governments, although some exemptions do exist in each form of government too. If you live in Alabama and you buy a pack of playing cards you are going to pay an extra 10 cents in sales tax right there on the spot. When you go to pay your income taxes you can e file your return, which makes it much easier to pay income taxes. By 1990, every state in the U.S. had the ability to efile. Just one year earlier, only 36 states had that ability.

Citizens who do not pay their taxes may think they are getting away with it, but they are living with an illusion. The IRS eventually catches up with everyone that is not paying their fair share of income taxes. The IRS can do some pretty nasty things in order to get the taxes from you that are owed. For instance, the IRS can order your employer to take a portion of your paycheck out and send to them each payday for a delinquent tax bill that you owe. This is an administrative process called wage garnishment. The IRS can also seize your personal property, your bank accounts and even put a levy on your home. The IRS has to follow the Fifth Amendment requirement though, which provides due process of law. In other words, they have to send you a letter of their intent and give you time to be heard at a hearing. If any of these things are happening to you, go to an income tax lawyer right away. An IRS debt lawyer can help. An Irs lawyer can even stop a wage garnishment and get an IRS tax lien off of your property. Get a good IRS debt tax lawyer on your side and you can be safe.

Irs lawyers are experienced with all the rules and regulations that govern the tax code. An IRS lawyer can investigate your tax problem for you and create a tax resolution plan that they will present to the IRS for you. An IRS tax lawyer is your best chance at getting your tax liabilities lowered too. An IRS tax lawyer will know how to draw up an “Offer in Compromise” that can lower your tax bill. Find out more by looking up the search term ‘tax lawyer irs‘ or ‘IRS tax lawyer’ online today.

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