The Newest SEO Method!

The Newest SEO Method!
09 Aug

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It is true. Product videos convert buyers.

If you are a business owner then you probably understand just how crucial it is to find an effective means of generating leads. Whichever method you wish to pursue, it is important that you know the facts before you make your decision. In the past five years, an increasing amount of business owners have decided to hire dedicated seo experts to help them generate leads.

The model in business search engine optimization (SEO) has been content generation. But, up until very recently, the content that has been generated has been of the written word. However, more recently, marketers have begun to ask, “can product videos convert buyers?”

It is very likely that, in fact, product videos convert buyers. We can see how this may be by looking at the SEO model of marketing. Considering that 93 percent of online experiences start at a search engine, the purpose of SEO is to improve the search engine visibility of a company. The goal is to bring the web page of a business higher up in the list of organic search results on a site like Google.

It is my belief that product videos convert buyers because they can improve search engine pervasiveness. If a video should receive a great deal of social media shares and comments on Youtube, that can affect where on the search engine a website linked to the video will appear. Therefore, a well made, informative product video can in fact create customers

Product videos convert buyers just as consistently as mobile optimization and social media marketing. Videos will not create customers on their own, however. The key to a successful online marketing campaign is to employ a combination of many different web marketing strategies going on at the same time.

Mobile optimization is necessary. Consumers feel more comfortable purchasing goods on their mobile devices, and 71 percent of mobile device users expect websites to load quickly on their phones or tablets. A company does not want to lose business because of poor mobile web design.

A brand with a solid social media presence is a brand that actually closes on more sales. People who have been exposed to a brand through their social media activity and search engine ranking are 2.8 times more likely to search for the products of that brand. It is all about building trust with the consumer.

Product videos convert buyers for the same reasons that SEO and social media activity do. It fosters a trust in the brand. It has been found that 84 percent of people in the demographic of 25 to 34 year olds leave websites because of irrelevant or annoying paid advertisements or pop ups. This is how we know that old model of web marketing has died and it is time to experience how product videos convert buyers.

If you are looking for a way to improve your brand image and build a relationship of trust with your customers, try outsourcing SEO content or making product videos. SEO, social media and product videos convert buyers like no other technique available when properly combined.

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