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Bringing Camo Out of the Forest

Camo bathing suits for women

Arctic foxes have fur coats that change colors from dark in the summer to a winter white, depending on the season. This natural camouflage has been been translated into many designs and fashion accessories, and yes, even into discount bathing suits.

Camo has been used by the military, animals, vehicles and hunters to essentially hide in plain sight, but when camouflage is introduced for clothing and accessories, items such as camo bathing suits take on a different characteristic. Finding the perfect bathing is hard enough without having to coordinate a stylistic cue associated with a military background.

Stylistically, camouflage clothing can be used to stand

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The Breasts You’ve Always Wanted

Juvederm reno

The plastic surgery industry is incredibly lucrative. In 2010 alone, more than $10 trillion were spent on cosmetic surgeries for people from all segments of the population. Surprisingly to some, 2012 saw nearly 85,000 cosmetic procedures for people over 65. The largest percentage of those undergoing cosmetic procedures, however, are women. The plastic surgery options available to women are innumerable, and many choose to take advantage of them. For everything from liposuction to breast implants, women represent a major percentage of the number undergoing procedures. For example, around 90% of liposuction procedures are performed on women. Overwhelmingly, however, breast surgeries are among the most popular plastic surgeries for women.

There are a number of breast surgeries available, including implants, reduct

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