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The Return of Camo to the Fashion World

Camo bathing suits

Camouflage, historically, makes for a very interesting study. Though the term typically conjures images of green and brown splotches occasionally interspersed with twigs and leaves, camouflage actually encompasses a much broader range of patterns. Dazzle pattern, for example, is black and white and was used to make it difficult for shooters to detect the distance of battleships in the first World War.

The variety of patterns included under the “camouflage” umbrella isn’t surprising, when you consider the term in a broad sense. We talk about animals having natural camouflage, yet there isn’t a single one with a coat that resembles those worn by hunters and soldiers. Arctic foxes and hares actually alternate between white and dark coats based on the seasons and squids change their colors to blend in with th

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Bringing Camo Out of the Forest

Camo bathing suits for women

Arctic foxes have fur coats that change colors from dark in the summer to a winter white, depending on the season. This natural camouflage has been been translated into many designs and fashion accessories, and yes, even into discount bathing suits.

Camo has been used by the military, animals, vehicles and hunters to essentially hide in plain sight, but when camouflage is introduced for clothing and accessories, items such as camo bathing suits take on a different characteristic. Finding the perfect bathing is hard enough without having to coordinate a stylistic cue associated with a military background.

Stylistically, camouflage clothing can be used to stand

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