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The First Step to Holistic Health Care


When most people think of holistic health care, they tend to focus on essential oils, meditation, and natural medicine. Though those elements can be a part of holistic health, they are by no means its central focus. Holistic health care encompasses all aspects of health, recognizing the connection of physical, psychological, and even spiritual aspects.

Many who are new to holistic health are spooked by the natural remedies drawn from plants, minerals, vitamins, roots, and natural supplements or by energy healing, which aims to evenly distribute energy throughout the body, helping a person to feel more spiritually grounded. What they don’t realize is that fitness routines are just as much a part of Read more ...

Do You Ride Horses? Here are Five Facts You Need to Know About Riding Gear

Horseback riding apparel

Do you love riding horses? Are you thinking about taking horse riding lessons in the near future? If so, here are a few of the most important facts that you need to know about Kerrits riding tights, horseback riding gear, english riding boots, and essex classics show shirts before you spend your hard earned money on the supplies that you need.

1. If you are going horse back riding in cold weather, you should have a winter jacket specifically for horse riding to keep you at an adequate temperature. Though you might not realize this, there are actually special jackets that are designed for just this occasi

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