The First Step to Holistic Health Care

The First Step to Holistic Health Care
24 Sep


When most people think of holistic health care, they tend to focus on essential oils, meditation, and natural medicine. Though those elements can be a part of holistic health, they are by no means its central focus. Holistic health care encompasses all aspects of health, recognizing the connection of physical, psychological, and even spiritual aspects.

Many who are new to holistic health are spooked by the natural remedies drawn from plants, minerals, vitamins, roots, and natural supplements or by energy healing, which aims to evenly distribute energy throughout the body, helping a person to feel more spiritually grounded. What they don’t realize is that fitness routines are just as much a part of holistic health as any other component and can be a great place to start on the path toward holistic health.

A full quarter of American adults claim that they are not physically active at all, a fact that might provide some insight about the generally low health levels in our country. Here, we’ll look at ways to design your own workout using workout equipment that is easily accessible and easily integrated into your home.


Yoga work out routines are excellent holistic workouts as they focus on the unification of the mind, body, and spirit. Many Americans are embracing the health benefits of yoga. In fat, spending on yoga instruction in the U.S. has increased by 87% in the last five years. You could enroll in a yoga class, which is indeed a wonderful investment, or practice yoga in your own home. The only workout equipment you need is a yoga mat, a couple yoga bricks, and maybe a yoga strap. If you’re already a practicing yogi and feel comfortable designing your own yoga workout, that’s perfectly fine. Otherwise, an introductory DVD might be helpful.


Much like yoga, pilates helps you to exercise your body while taking advantage of the breath. Pilates relies on the natural tension of the body and flow of the breath to help practitioners exercise their bodies. Again, the only workout equipment required is a yoga mat and perhaps a small hand towel. There are many introductory DVDs available for those who are new to Pilates and many classes available at fitness centers for those who are more comfortable in group settings.

Integrating personal fitness into your life is a wonderful way to begin an interest in holistic medicine. It is not until we achieve physical, mental, and spiritual health that we can find wholeness and happiness. More:

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