Expand Your Web Services and Become an SEO Reseller

Expand Your Web Services and Become an SEO Reseller
06 Dec

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If you currently run a business that offers services such as website design and social media marketing, you may want to consider expanding your online marketing services and become an SEO reseller.

After all, SEO, or search engine optimization, is far more effective in generating sales from leads than traditional marketing strategies that include mailings or physical print ads. The latter is only effective 1.7% of the time, while SEO marketing result in sales 14.6% of the time.

But why is this kind of search marketing effective
? SEO makes a website more visible to prospective customers and helps to increase the relevance and quality of the copy itself. This results in a higher organic, or natural ranking on search engines such as Google. This is especially important when you consider that seven out of 10 links chosen by people who use search engines are organic listings. Of these users, 79% of them choose organic listings almost exclusively, while 80% essentially avoid paid search engine results, also known as paid advertisements.

When it comes to online marketing, an important trend is the rise in mobile Internet users. With more and more people using tablets and smartphones, it’s important to make your clients’ products and services more accessible to them. Consider that 64% of people who use smartphones make purchases on these devices.

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