Why More and More Employers Are Offering Childcare to Their Employees

Why More and More Employers Are Offering Childcare to Their Employees
07 Dec

Private day care

Since its beginnings during the welfare and reform movements of the 19th century, day care has been an important issue. All too often working parents are forced to struggle with what to do with their child during the work day. With 11 million children under the age of five in the United States that are involved in some kind of child care arrangement, child care in America is serious business.

Fortunately, there has been positive developments for working parents when it comes to child care in the United States. More and more employers are beginning to offer child care services to their employees. This can be either in the form of childcare credits, which the parent can use to pay for private day care, or an actual onsite employer provided child care.

The reason for the shift is that corporate daycare providers are seeing many benefits. These include, increased employee loyalty, decreased maternity leaves, better job concentration, and decreased health care costs to name just a few. Corporate daycare options make companies more attractive to potential recruits, meaning that these companies will attract the best and brightest to work for them. Indeed, over 80 of the “Top 100 Companies for Working Mothers,” according to Working Mother Magazine, offer some form of employer sponsored childcare to their employees.

If you have a child or are expecting one, you are advised to ask your employer what, if any, child care options they offer. Also to be sure ask if you are interviewing for a position with a new company. If you would like more information about finding a daycare or what to look for when choosing a daycare, search online. References.

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