Getting To the Negotiating Table With the Right Sales Hires

Getting To the Negotiating Table With the Right Sales Hires
07 Dec

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Research has shown that only a fraction of sales leads ever receive any kind of follow up, in some cases it is less than 20 percent. To insure that your company does not suffer from this type of sales barriers, you will have to identify and hire someone on a successful sales career path. Among the 22 million, or more, sales professionals in the U.S., it can take the powers of executive recruiting firms to locate your next sales reps.

Executive recruiting firms are perfectly positioned to assist in locating a good fit for your industry, and a sales professional with the skills to make the sales. Sales might be a numbers game, but only 10 percent of your sales force will actually produce significant returns from their effort. There are numerous executive search firms that are deserving of your analysis, but you should do some preliminary research to find the right fit for your business, and someone that will provide positive ROI.

More people can be found on a sales career path, in practically every industry, but finding sales reps with effective track records that can be retained over time is a challenge. Throughout the U.S., more than 30 percent of your sales reps will not achieve a monthly quota, and to make matters worse, roughly 20 percent of those reps are not teachable. Unfortunately, your sales team will also have to contend with high turnover if you do not identify the high achievers from the beginning.

To find the right recruiting agency, you may want to reach out to industry colleagues that have successfully navigated the strains of recruiting someone on a sales career path. Additionally, you could look at networking sites, such as linkedin, to generate qualified referrals for recruitment agencies. You would probably like to identify an executive search firm that is narrowly focused on your segment of the industry, especially when recruiting on your behalf. Definitely research their successes and annual growth of the recruiting agencies you are considering.

Once you eliminate all but the top contenders for a recruiter, you should look at the specific comments to determine how their clients described their experiences. This will include reviews from both employees and client companies that have used the recruiting agencies. You can use this information to follow up with specific questions about the process and how they formulate a list of potential sales reps.

One of the greatest benefits of using a sales recruitment firm is that they can prescreen resumes, thus eliminating the hassle of reading less qualified resumes. By initially eliminating the unqualified candidates, you can rely on fewer interviews to find your new salesperson. By finding the right recruiting firm for your business, your efficiency at finding the most profitable sales person will eventually add to the bottom line. Visit here for more.

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