Make Your Product More Accessible to Customers Through Custom Packaging

Make Your Product More Accessible to Customers Through Custom Packaging
16 Jan

Custom product packaging

Do you have an original product that you know is poised to make an impact in the marketplace, but you need that extra something to help make it appealing to prospective customers? Working with product packaging designers–retail packaging design in particular–may be just what is needed in this case.

When it comes to effectively branding your company, an excellent example to look at is the Coca-Cola Company, which rose to prominence in part due to their ubiquitous imagery and substantial marketing efforts. Like approximately 30% of the 100 most lucrative international brands, Coca-Cola was created before the year 1900.

But if your company does not yet have the visibility that Coca-Cola does, what can you do to reach out to customers? One way may be to use custom packaging design that helps to distinguish you from your competitors.

And because about 46% of people who purchase products and services online utilize social media to obtain the information they need to make an decision, it may make sense to work with a packaging design company that is also comfortable with that kind of marketing. In fact, according to Nielsen, 70% of professionals who specialize in brand marketing will place a focus on social media marketing. Along the same lines, you will likely want your website to be designed in such a way that it is ranked highly by search engines and is more accessible to prospective customers as a result.

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