The Importance of Positive Dentist Reviews

The Importance of Positive Dentist Reviews
06 Jan

According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for dentists is expected to expand by more than 20% between 2010 and 2020. As of 2010, there were approximately 155,700 practicing dentists in the United States, and the average salary of a licensed dentist was roughly $147,000 per year.

Going by the above numbers, it certainly appears that a dental career would be a wise choice for college students who enjoy the sciences and are considering careers in the ever-expanding health care industry. At the same time, becoming a dentist requires approximately 10 years of post-high school education, which means that the cost prospective costs incurred might be enough to discourage many students from pursuing that particular career path.

While dental school students who successfully complete their dental degree programs, and pass all of the required state licensing requirements, can expect to pull in six figure salaries, it will a few years for them to pay off their student loans. This means that they must become part of a dental practice that will provide them with a steady flow of patients, or start their own practice and successfully market themselves. Additionally, newly-minted dentists need to constantly expand their patient base through positive dentist reviews.

Since nearly 80% of all Americans now go online to research just about every kind of service before becoming patrons, the importance of dentist office reviews cannot be stressed enough. Even though some people who review dentists will have no qualms with handing out less than stellar reviews, dentists who maintain a professional and personable demeanor, and provide consistently high-quality work, should have no worries. This is because the typical patient who makes the effort to go online and review dentists has no reason to be dishonest.

The bottom line is dental reviews can be valuable to both patients and new dentists. Good reviews can win dentists the new customers that they so desperately needs. At the same time, dentist reviews can help prospective dental patients to locate the best dentist for them.

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