Fresh Color, Fresh Appeal Finding Best Roof Color for Your Home

Fresh Color, Fresh Appeal  Finding Best Roof Color for Your Home
18 Sep

Choosing a color for you roof can be a pretty tricky task. You may be inclined to pick something muted and simple that will be in style for a long time, or you may want to stand out from every home in the neighborhood in hopes of upping your resale value. Or, maybe recent roof repairs have made you think about starting over completely with a new look. Whatever your goal, consider the following four points to select a color that’s best for your home’s unique qualities.

  1. Think About Your Region
    The area you live in can have a huge impact on what color and style roof is best for you. Light changes tonality and temperature throughout the year– in the north, light often has a pale bluish tint, while southern homes are often awash in slightly red light. Think about how colors will amplify or neutralize natural light tones. Also think about your home’s energy efficiency. A light roof will deflect warmth, and is ideal for houses in warm areas. A dark roof will do the opposite, and might be a good choice in more northern, chillier regions.
  2. Think about Your Home’s Architectural Style
    Many styles of roof can last for decades. If you choose a roof color that is trendy, but ultimately doesn’t match your home’s original design, it might begin to clash sooner than you’d hope. For example, shingles might look more natural on a colonial brick style home than a metal roof. While it is ultimately up to you, seeking to enhance your home’s current architecture is always a good choice.
  3. Permanence v. Impermanence
    Remember that some parts of your home’s appearance are easier to change than others. Roof repairs and replacements are large, costly projects, while repainting shutters or replacing a front door are smaller tasks. Choose a roof color that will jive with permanent features, like any brick siding and chimneys. If you decide that it doesn’t work with the window frames, you can paint them, but you can’t tear down the pink brick.
  4. Repairs
    Think about the availability of colors and materials in your area before making your final choice. If you select a color or style that is difficult to find, or temporarily went on clearance, it could be harder to find in the future. Roof repairs can become frustrating disasters if you can’t find the right color shingles to fix a small hole.
  5. Choosing a color for your roof can be tough, but once you find the right shade, you’ll fall in love with your home all over again. Follow these four tips, you can pick a color and style that brings your home fresh beauty and appeal for years to come.

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