Glossary of Counseling Services

Glossary of Counseling Services
17 Sep

A common problem many people face is whether or not they believe counseling services are right for them. It’s difficult for some to take the leap and search out help for their mental health. Let’s break down some common reasons to look into counseling and what those terms mean.


One of the most common reasons people search out counseling services is depression. It’s one of the worlds most abundant mental health problems. Depression symptoms include anxiety, loss of interest and mood swings. If that sounds like you, it’s possible you are suffering from a form of depression. So if you believe searching out a counselor is the right move, reach out to your local offices.


Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder has become a common condition amongst the youth of the world. ADHD has a perception of being a not-so-serious condition. That is a common misconception as the severity of the condition can vary. ADHD symptoms include aggression, hyperactivity, and lack of restraint. In today’s world, this condition is seen as kids just being kids. That could be the case in some instances but based on its severity, ADHD can be a mental health risk. If you know someone who could be suffering from a severe form of ADHD, look for a local counselor.

Marriage Counseling

Most people have been touched by divorce in some way. It’s a commonly known fact that almost half of domestic marriages end in divorce. Now in some cases, this is unavoidable. Relationships are very complicated and they can’t all work. For couples who may just be going through a rough time, marriage counseling is always an option. If you and your spouse think it could be time to look into counseling, look for affordable options near you.

It’s important to remember that there is a wide range of counseling services available. Public perception can make you believe that there are no options available for you because your condition is not as severe as other, that is not the case. If you believe you fit any of the descriptions above, check out your local offices and make an appointment if you feel it necessary.

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