Print Smart And Save Money General Maintenance Tips For Your Day-To-Day Printing Needs

Print Smart And Save Money  General Maintenance Tips For Your Day-To-Day Printing Needs
01 Sep

Time is money. This old adage has never been out-of-touch.
When it comes to your business, this is the unifying foundation that will make sure all your purchasing decisions are sound ones. How can you make sure you’re saving money even as your making it? Printing is a constant concern of many companies today, compromising a major part of their monthly budget and sometimes being the biggest source of stress outside of customer service. Not only can you run the risk of using up paper without a return on your investment, you can run the risk of printing lackluster results and having it reflect on your brand.
Don’t take the chance. It’s time to learn the ins and outs of Zebra printer support and general printing maintenance so you can ensure you’re getting your full cut every time.
Did You Know?
Printing will come up sooner or later. One business might be printing off direct mail to entice repeat customers. Another business might be wondering how they can create a more glossy appearance for their promotional posters. The American printing industry has been going through a lot of interesting developments. A study conducted back in 2015 saw American printing shipments seeing a significant hike. This has been cross-referenced with recent statistics exploring the fact customers still love to read newspapers, printed books and direct mail.
General Printing Tips
No matter what you’re printing for, there are some things you should be mindful of. Printing is a careful balance between effectively using your resources while finding ways to cut the right corners. Be mindful that you always have a high DPI to encourage the most crisp and appealing image. The bare basics in most industries is 300 DPI, though it doesn’t hurt to try 500 DPI or 600 DPI to be on the safe side. Learning about the difference between RGB and CMYK for physical printing or web resolution will also go a long way in helping your business look more professional.


General Maintenance
Just like your car engine or refrigerator, general maintenance is important to keep you saving money each step of the way. Printers, particularly ones that are used daily, need to be checked constantly to ensure there’s nothing sinister going on right beneath your nose. Strange noises are one of the most obvious signs there’s an issue and should be checked immediately by Zebra printer repair. A printer that refuses to actually print might have an incompatibility problem or an internal error that needs the attention of a professional. Last, but not least, make sure you’re not going beyond your load capacity to avoid a clog.
Barcode Printing
Your barcode verifiers are held up to the same standard as any other printing venture. Considering the barcode needs to be carefully minded to remain readable, this is one area you can’t afford to overlook. Zebra printer support is one resource you should tap into at the soonest sign of a problem. Not only is it less stress on your part fixing a problem early, it’ll save you much more down the road. It’s like patching up a small tear in your jeans instead of waiting for the rip to become a much bigger hole. Zebra tech support can come in the form of online assistance or a scheduled appointment to dig around your printer.
From Zebra printer support to common sense, there’s a lot on your side. Make sure you translate it into success.

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