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Getting To the Negotiating Table With the Right Sales Hires

Sales reps

Research has shown that only a fraction of sales leads ever receive any kind of follow up, in some cases it is less than 20 percent. To insure that your company does not suffer from this type of sales barriers, you will have to identify and hire someone on a successful sales career path. Among the 22 million, or more, sales professionals in the U.S., it can take the powers of executive recruiting firms to locate your next sales reps.

Executive recruiting firms are perfectly positioned to assist in locating a good fit for your industry, and a sales professional with the skills to make the sales. Sales might be a numbers game, but only 10 percent of your sales force will actually produce significant

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Why More and More Employers Are Offering Childcare to Their Employees

Private day care

Since its beginnings during the welfare and reform movements of the 19th century, day care has been an important issue. All too often working parents are forced to struggle with what to do with their child during the work day. With 11 million children under the age of five in the United States that are involved in some kind of child care arrangement, child care in America is serious business.

Fortunately, there has been positive developments for working parents when it comes to child care in the United States. More and more employers are beginning to offer child care services to their employees. This can be either in the form of childcare credits, which the parent can use to pay for private day care, or an act

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