Tasty Recipe Ideas for Roasted Garlic Hummus Dip or Spread

Tasty Recipe Ideas for Roasted Garlic Hummus Dip or Spread
12 Sep

Hummus recipes

Hey, hummus lovers! Looking for some new ways to spice up your snack time? I have some delicious roasted red pepper or roasted garlic hummus dip suggestions to share with you.

Wait a minute. Did you just ask, “What is hummus?” You have never experienced the savory bliss of toasted bread with hummus spread on it? Well, please allow me to explain.

Hummus comes from mashed chickpeas and tanini, a sesame-seed paste, combined with lemon, garlic and sometimes olive oil. While originally made and consumed in the Middle East, hummus has grown in popularity and now dominates the refrigerated food section at almost any grocery store. It is typically used as a dip or a spread.

With only 25 calories per tablespoon, hummus is the perfect tasty, light snack. Combine with carrots, crackers or pita bread for an excellent and healthy pairing. Plus, you can make a heck of a lot of things out of specialty hummus, like the roasted garlic hummus dip or basil and pesto.

Now that you know some key hummus nutrition facts, you are ready to make your own zesty and easy hummus recipe. Try chicken salad made with roasted garlic hummus dip instead of mayonnaise. Try roasted red pepper hummus on a grille vegetable sandwich. Try the original stuff with tuna.

Whatever you decide to try, enjoy it! Roasted garlic hummus dip goes great with veggie chips, so start there. Introduce hummus into your snack time, and then bring it with you to dinner time!

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