Types of Commercial Tile

Types of Commercial Tile
29 Jun

If you are interested in learning more about commercial tile and stone, it would be a good idea to watch this video. You can learn about the differences between porcelain tile and ceramic tile.

When you take a quick glance at them, you cannot see the difference, but porcelain tile is actually quite a bit stronger. Porcelain is made out of materials that are packed more tightly and are finer and denser overall, making it a much more durable choice.

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Additionally, you can put porcelain tiles outside, because they do not absorb water like ceramic tiles do, which can cause damage to ceramic tiles.

Porcelain tiles are also more likely to have color that runs all the way through. However, this is not to say that ceramic tiles are a bad choice. For the majority of residential homes, either porcelain or ceramic tiles would be a great choice, as long as you are not planning to put the tiles outside. For commercial properties, most of the time, a porcelain tile would definitely be preferable. You can look at different types of tiles, as there are many great options when it comes to each type, including colors and the quality of the specific materials that are used.

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